"In life, there's always a mountain to conquer." Pemba Jangbu Sherpa


I AM Trekking and Expedition, established in 2016, brings together more than 30 years of combined experience to fill the gaps of the Nepalese Trekking and Mountaineering industry.  The founders, Pemba, Funuru and Ruben, desired to create a reliable Nepalese company that could provide proper training, dependable Sherpas while offering Western business practices and Eastern pricing. 

The I AM difference

Our Vision!  Mountaineering is much more than just summiting a mountain.  It is about the journey both personally and as a team.  Having the right personal outlook and team is the only way you will make it to the top.  I AM Treks looks to bring together people under one vision, the vision of helping people realize their full potential. 

Our Sherpas!  Believe it or not there is much turn-over when it comes to Sherpas.  I AM Treks takes pride on our hiring process, ensuring only the most knowledgeable and experienced Sherpas are guiding our trips.  In addition, we create an atmosphere of positive energy and experiences, which helps us to retain the best Sherpas.

Our Training!  Summiting a mountain requires an exceptional mental and physical state.  There, unfortunately, is a laps in the readiness of climbers and I AM Treks looks to correct it through proper preparation.  Training for extreme conditions should be taken seriously and I AM Treks provides you with programs created by experts to ensure your readiness.
Our Virtual Reality!  On select trips I AM Treks offers a virtual reality option that allows mountaineers to brings their experience home to friends and family.

Our Pricing!  I AM Treks has both International and Nepalese footholds, which allows the clients to receive local pricing with payment ease and security.

I AM Treks looks forward to helping you fulfill your potential, building your team of experienced guides and Sherpas, who pride themselves on safety, and preparing you for your trek or expedition.

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